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Le 24, septembre 2014
Cloudiway is delighted to inform you about the launch of our new website, a completely new look and feel, a deep integration with our SAAS platform. The launch of the new website,...
Your Solution, our Job
Cloudiway Migration is a single multi-function tool, which adapts to the size of your business (SMB, Large Enterprise or SMEs) and is currently the only solution on the market that can migrate your user accounts together with all their data (emails, files and sites).

A complete platform, Cloudiway Migration optimizes your migration process and significantly cuts down the number of intermediate stages and reduces costs: a single solution, a single point of contact.
Targeted at the general public and completely free, Cloudiway Password is a new feature built into the range of Cloudiway Solutions. It is totally secure because it does not use any information stored on-line. A complete solution for the personal and centralized management of your passwords.

So Cloudiway Password, which also has a back-up function, enables complete access to all services, after authorization by the user, and with just a single click!
To provide simple solutions to the ever more complex requirements of their customers, Cloudiway Solutions now offers the unique single platform solution, IAM - The Next Generation: Cloudiway Identity.

With Cloudiway Identity, in either the SaaS or Premise One version, you can now master the multiplicity of tools that the Cloud offers and benefit to the full from the wealth of applications available!
Who we are ? Cloudiway
Founded in 2010, Cloudiway has become in a few years the essential reference for Cloud Access Management, bringing a simple and efficient solution for the most complex Identity and Access Management (IAM) scenarios and for data migration to the Cloud.
To date, only Cloudiway Solutions, born from the fertile experience of Engineers in Research and Development of Cloudiway, can give you a software offer with an incredible quality and a deep consistency!
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