The best way to migrate from Lotus Notes

Cloudiway is the simplest way to migrate your data around the world

  • Online platform, user friendly, minimal setup required
  • No business downtime, high data fidelity
  • Delta pass technology built in to every migration


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Simple & easy to use for small and large migrations !

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Cloudiway cloud-based platform has been designed for small and large volume migration without any software installation. Our platform can handle projects of all size with no downtime.

Our user experience is unique, built arround simple and easy steps to manage and organize perfect data migrations at lightning speed. Delivering the industry's highest enterprise level of scalability, all the essential migration features are now at your fingertips.

How Cloudiway saves you time & money

Cost-effective, Cloudiway mail migration license include technical support & pre-migration auditing tools. Get started with your migration project without engaging many resources in a secure environnement.

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The best way to migrate from Lotus Notes

Google sites to sharepoint fast migration

Cloudiway’s migration platform has been designed to master mail migration from Lotus Notes: migrate emails, contacts, calendars, folders, permissions and archives from Lotus Notes without business downtime or software configuration.

With all migrations performed in the cloud under strict security and in real time, your data is copied directly to your new target system and nowhere else: you're always in control of your data. One person can set up migrations for thousands of users and Cloudiway's platform does the rest!

Built by mail migration experts with years of experience using Lotus Notes, Cloudiway offers a reliable and secure solution with flexibility and scalability to support all aspects of your mail migration.

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  • 50 Gb Mailbox size
  • Unlimited Delta passes
  • Volume discount
  • Optional* Archives migration, Mail routing platform


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  • 3 Gb Drives size
  • 3 Gb Mailbox size
  • Unlimited Delta passes
  • Important: Cloudiway requires proof that you belong to one of these organization
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